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Our wooden handles are suitable for a wide range of brushes and their natural texture gives a specially comfortable grip.. Being a renewable resource wood is an important component of our production at Schellenberger. We source the local forested beech  from certified PEFC suppliers and know that the trees are replanted here.
Art. No.  Quantity Treatment Dimensions Bore hole
SR035510012080000  from 1  raw  80 x Ø 12   
SR035110021090058  waxed  90 x Ø 21  40x Ø 5,8 
SR035110023100030  100 x Ø 23  25 x Ø 3,0 
SR035110030125000  125 x Ø 30   
SR035210026085000  raw  85 x 12,5 x 26   
SR035210025050060  50 x Ø 21/17  50 x Ø 6/3,7 



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