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Our boiling tube brushes are twisted crosswise, which results in a high fill density. Due to this and the four wires, this brush can cope with any rough application. All boiling tube brushes are equipped with a thread, which can be selected according to your individual needs on request.

Total length Brush length Shape Core wire Filament
160  100  Cylindrical Galvanized Cast steel smooth


Diameter External thread Art. no. External thread Art. no. Thread   Art. no.
10  M6  S510109  1/2“ Ww  S510100  M10     
12  S510129  S510120 
13    S510130 
14  S510149  S510140 
15    S510150  Inside S510153 
16  S510169  S510160  Inside S510163 
17      Inside S510173 
18  S510189  S510180     
19      Inside S510193 
20  S510209  S510200  Outside S510202 
21    S510210     
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