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Our quality cleaning brushes for firearms are characterised by the processing of high-quality raw materials and a dense material Filament. This enables you to remove significantly more residue when swiping in the barrel than with comparable products.

Total length Brush length Shape Core wire Thread Eyelet
80  50  Cylindrical Galvanized M3 external thread Blunt


Diameter Filament Art. No. Filament Art. No. Filament Art. No. Filament Art. No.
4,6  Brass corrugated S141104  Wool colorful   Bristles dun-colored   PA 6   
5,8  S141105       
6    S141306  S141006   
7,3  S141107       
8  S141108  S141308  S141008  S141208 
10    S141310  S141010  S141210 
12  S141112  S141312  S141012  S141212 
15  S141115  S141315  S141015   
18,5  S141118  S141318  S141018   
20,5  S141120  S141320  S141020   
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