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Cleaning boilers and heating systems increases the efficiency of these systems. Additional energy consumption is prevented and pollutant emissions can be significantly reduced. All this extends the  lifespan of the heating system and leads to more cost-effective use. Our boiler brushes are extremely robust and are characterised by low wear. This means  they can also be used for boilers that have to be cleaned frequently. Boiler brushes are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and materials. We also supply optional accessories – all tailored to your individual needs.


Art. no. Diameter Length Filament Core wire Filler Shape Thread
S070684  55  120  Flat wire Galvanized Single spiral Cylindrical M12 External thread
S503538  90 / 40  160  Cast steel smooth Galvanized Crosswise Flat cut 3/8“ External thread
S530234  100 / 50  170  Single 3/8“ External thread
S070823  150 / 65  160    M10 External thread
S861200  120 / 50  160  Bright M10 External thread
S130445  80  155  Cast steel corrugated Galvanized Segment brush 1/2“ External thread
S970874  155  M10 External thread
S130446  140  PA 6  1/2“ External thread
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