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Technische Bürsten Bechhofen, Bohrlochbürsten

With our borehole brushes you can clean boreholes easily and thoroughly. Cleaning improves the load-bearing capacity of dowels (according to their approval). Therefore, we recommend the use of our borehole brushes for drilling work. We offer brushes in different diameters and lengths as well as with wooden cross handles and threads in our range.


Art.-No.  Diameter  Overall length Brush length Filament Shape Brush base Core wire
S070193  14,8  250  80  corrugated cast steel Cylindrical With wooden cross handle Galvanized
S020330  15 
S080897  20 
S080898  27 
S070811  14  corrugated stainless steel
S990667  15 
S070812  18 
S990795  29 
S990336  13  Mixt filling (bristles and PA)
S990337  18 
S990338  22 
S990339  28 
S080230  14  305  75  Bristles and  corristainless steel
S080231  20 
S130213  24 
S080232  29 


Art.-No. Diameter  Overall length Brush length Filament Brush base Core wire
S160126  18  200  80  corrugated cast steel  M6 external thread Galvanized
S160127  27 
S160128  32 
S160129  45 
S160130  55  corrugated brass Brass
S090632  12  300 
S130256  15 
S090634  20  corrugated cast steel  M8 external thread Galvanized
S070734  10 
S070735  13 
S070736  18 
S120173  20 
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